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Learning Slowly

I will never get over the corpse pose fall. Dude goes rigid

I’m sure all that practicing dekes with your thumbs in nhl14 kept your hockey sense in tune, but you won’t be able to blame your sloppy slap shots on lag =P

-gasp- Madam! How dare you, I will have you know my slap shot is top notch. It’s so good even I don’t know where it is going, but believe you me, it is GOING

If I’m going to play beer league hockey this summer, I need to get my flow back and remember how to chirp.

So occasionally I will go on kicks where I will play Halo a lot. Like a lot. Too much. Because I play so much, it leads to me eventually doing something that I nerd out over and think is awesome.

This is a consolidation of those things.

Starting with my first ever Halo 4 kill, against a Mantis which was a great big bag o dicks.

I also consider Halo to be crucial to the writing process for certain stories.

Dallas Stars be like


“I still haven’t been able to decipher this section.” Banksy said waving his hand over a rather dense area of text and symbols. “But this part is pretty clear.”

“What does it say, Nathan.” Jiana said patiently.

“It’s a capture order.” Banksy said, running his fingers along the lines. “From the…

I secretly believe that you are the Red from pokemon, who simply abandoned his lofty position of supreme power to come to a reality with professional sports and roosterteeth.

I secretly think you like soccer


(fiiiiiine it’s alright, but it would be better if the field was smaller, and encased with boards and glass, and they replaced the grass with ice, and the nets were smaller, and the players used a stick, and you could hit and fight, and the goalies wore pads, and the ball was a puck)

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